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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math


Why did we create a STEAM Academy?

  • Jobs in STEM fields are growing exponentially. The US is not keeping pace with the number of graduates needed to fill STEM related jobs.
  • We feel Arts belongs with STEM because creativity fuels innovation and expression.
  • We hope to open students’ eyes to possible careers in STEAM fields and to foster a love of applied investigation, imagination and problem solving.

Learning Objectives

  • Ask questions, make observations and gather information about a situation
  • Design, plan, create, test and improve ideas
  • Expand creativity, imagination and artistic abilities
  • Select tasks based on interests and modalities
  • Cultivate interpersonal and collaborative skills

Our STEAM Stations

  1. AR Computer - Create a blue print, design house
  2. SPROUT Computer - 3D Oragami
  3. Computers- Coding, Khan Academy, Scratch
  4. Osmo Critical thinking, physics, Tangrams & Monster
  5. Promethean  Interactive building & critical thinking
  6. Keva Structures & Straws create 3D structures
  7. Wall Peg Board & Geo Board
  8. Legos Build Activities 
  9. Art, Math and Symmetry Puzzles, drawings, logic
  10. Architecture Designing and drawing a floor plan, Duplicate 3D Structures